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Written By: admin - Mar• 26•20
Everyone needs to wear something. It’s required to put on clothing and protect your body towards another risks, such as UVB radiation, cool, bacteria and another injuries.

For this reason, the clothes manufacturing is very important and it will constantly be available in our life.
This article will focus on the stages from the idea in the fashion designer’s mind to the item of clothes that is presented to be bought in the clothes stores.

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To begin with, it’s worth to begin from the fashion designer’s studio where the given design is produced. The fashion developer draws a picture of a female or a man where the current type of item of clothes is put. Subsequently, the founder chooses the colours and extras and plan a few versions of one item to select the best one in a near future. A whole process usually lasts from couple of days to couple of months. It all counts on the designer’s idea and the options to know the idea.
Secondly, when the layout is ready, the drawing is sent to the clothing manufacturer. There the designer selects the fabrics and colours. Later, he or perhaps she sees and assesses the model.

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When whatever is fine, the mass production starts.

Finally, the fashion designer’s sell his or her products to the stores or the designer sells the goods in his or her own clothes shop.

As it could be seen, the clothes manufacturing starts in the mind of the maker. It’s worth to think about it next time when one decide to buy a new pair of pants or the outfit.

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